What started as a tanning unit 3 generations prior has now combined efforts to provide the world a service that lets one create with a flexibility and understanding that remains unmatched. Our understanding of what we do is limited only by our client's imagination. If that falls short, we have designated teams that work with you specifically for this reason, to provide options. Options that have multiple dimensions of research, which include personal choice, forecasting future trends, and speculating trend creation, which is a risky yet exciting side of this business.


"We believe in providing more than just a product, we believe in providing business pleasure, and in doing so make the experience all the more desirable."

Traditional craftsmanship defines our daily reason to strive. Our company provides a service built on the basis of a product. This product, in turn, reflects the image of our clients. So at this point, we create our clients image, which is then represented to the world. This is a responsibility that holds a lot of importance to the many organizations we represent. We are able to satisfy our customers by providing a product of fine quality that has been subject to various inspections and instructions.


Chairman's Message

Over the many years of business, Green Apple Leather has been subject to various experiences and oppurtunities since its establishment in 2007. It is through our persistence and devotion to quality that we have emerged successful in our vision as a company.

The next few years suggest a more adaptive and diverse business setup, due to the rising competition of the market. Our well-being as a company is credited to our capability to adapt to the quickly-changing market, which has drawn light towards the fashion industry. This allows us as a company to be daring, and try new things, developing new products and leathers, eventually, providing the market with more to choose from.

Our already skilled workforce has only improved, giving us more confidence in taking calculated risks, and with the right setup, we know how to make these risks a success.